CRODMA is a free trade association, which brings together, includes and connects individuals and legal entities engaged in direct and interactive marketing, with the aim of promoting more efficient and more effective management in all areas of Republic of Croatia using the principles, ethics, concepts, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of direct and interactive marketing. The Association is active in professional and organizational sense independently and in line with the Statute.

CRODMA – Croatian Association for direct and interactive marketing is a national member of the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing – FEDMA. CRODMA wants to achieve its mission and vision through the membership in FEDMA, cooperation with other national associations and the regular gathering of its members, working with them and the action on the territory of Republic of Croatia.


To become a factor in the development and acceptance of the marketing philosophy as the dominant philosophy of business in Croatia.
CRODMA is focused on the popularization and development of direct and interactive marketing with its members’ influence, contacts and activities related to the presentation of ideas and success of direct and interactive marketing for the business, political and general public.


CRODMA’s mission is to support the development and status of direct and interactive marketing as a business strategy.

The mission will be achieved by supporting:

• development of a legislative framework that will enable prosperity of activities of direct and interactive marketing and market equality of CRODMA members.
• promotion of activities of direct and interactive marketing to the public (political, economic and general) as a successful business strategy in the prevailing market conditions.
• education of members and communication of achievements so that the direct and interactive marketing would be properly considered in the domestic and international, primarily European market.

We welcome all those who want and can help us achieve our vision and mission!