7th International Scientific and Professional Conference (CRODMA 2022)


7th International Scientific and Professional Conference (CRODMA 2022)

7. Međunarodna znanstveno-stručna konferencija (CRODMA 2022.)

7th International Scientific and Professional Conference (CRODMA 2022)

We are pleased to invite you to participate at  the  7th  CRODMA Conference 2022, on  October, 21st 2022,  in Varaždin, Croatia

Veliko nam je zadovoljstvo pozvat Vas na  7. CRODMA konferenciju koja će se održati u Varaždinu 21. listopada 2022. godine

Conference venue: Faculty of organization and informatics, Varaždin, Croatia https://www.foi.unizg.hr/en

Online attendance – – In case of deterioration of the situation related to COVID-19, the conference will be held online (with reduce registration fee).

Conference is organized by: Croatian Direct Marketing Association – CRODMA and co-organized by: Faculty of organization and informatics Varaždin, University of Zagreb; University North, Varaždin; Department of Economics of the University of ZadarJuraj Dobrila University of Pula; Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek; College of applied science “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar.

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